FBC was founded in 1916, when a small group of families asked the Southern Baptist Convention to help them establish a baptist church here in Princess Anne. A young preacher, Reverend W. Edgar West, was soon on his way to arrange the first baptist worship service.

The Manokin Presbyterian Church offered the use of their facilities for worship services - a most Christian gesture. A Sunday school was soon started with twenty-nine members. And in September 1916, the fledgling church held a tent revival meeting and thirty-three people professed Christ as their Savior, giving the founding group great encouragement.

The baptizing of the new converts proved to be a memorable occasion. It was held on the banks of Kings Creek with twenty-two baptisms and an estimated one thousand onlookers. Starting with twenty-nine charter members, membership soon grew to fifty-five.

In October 1916, property on Prince William Street in Princess Anne, Maryland was purchased, and a building was eventually erected there in 1921. By the 1960’s the church had outgrown that building, which led to the purchase of the property on Crisfield Lane, where FBC is located today. By 1966, a newly erected sanctuary and educational building graced the site.

As church membership continued to grow, additional space was needed, so in 1990 the Fellowship Hall was added. Then a pavilion for outdoor church activities was added in 2000. This constitutes the church building and the property as it stands today on Crisfield Lane in Princess Anne, Maryland.

The journey begun by a few of the Lord’s faithful over one hundred years ago is by no means complete. The seeds sown by a few determined families in 1916 continue to grow and provide spiritual nourishment for many. With our Lord’s guidance, we are committed to continue the journey until He calls us home.